What is the Witness Project®?

A brief history

The Witness Project® is a culturally competent, community-based breast and cervical outreach, education and navigation program through which cancer survivors and lay health advisors increase awareness, knowledge, screening, and early detection behaviors in the African-American population in an effort to reduce the mortality and morbidity from cancer.

Our goal is to reach the under-served, never served communities to empower community members on cancer prevention as well as direct, connect and refer to affordable preventative care services and wellness resources.

Where we are today

Since our inception, we have expanded to include culturally competent outreach, education and navigation not only in breast and cervical cancer but to a myriad of preventative care and wellness resources available in the community such as:

COVID-19 Testing

Primary Care


Insurance Enrollment

Voter Registration

Completing the Census


Housing Resources

Food Pantries/Resources

The Witness Project Team in the Community